Renova cream order without prescription

Renova is a cream used for skin renovation. It contains tretinoin, a component that is a type of vitamin A, which helps the skin to renew itself. Tretinoin stimulates the grow of skin cells. Renova is not intended for treating deep wrinkles as a result of aging or the effect of sun damage on skin. With that it can still be used for conditions not listed in a medication guide.

Renova is available with and without prescription. In both cases it shouldn’t be used in larger doses or more often than needed for the purpose of a faster result. When this occurs, the risk of side effects is higher. Speaking about the latter, they are the following:
– stinging of the treated skin zone;
– low to mild warmth of skin;
– change of color of the treated skin;
– mild burning and itching.

All above-mentioned side effects can be easily managed, but in case of severe redness, burning and swelling of the treated skin, you should contact your doctor.

If you order Renova cream with no prescription it shouldn’t be applied on wet skin for the risk of irritation. Be careful when applying the cream on face; avoid your mouth, eyes, nostrils and ears. Do not apply any other skin treating ointment atop Renova cream for at least 1 hour after using Renova.

Purchase Renova online with or without prescription is used as a part of a complex skin care program. It makes the skin very sensitive to sunlight, so take that into account when going outside. It is obligatory to use protective sunscreen creams and clothing to cover the skin.

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